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Formula 1 teams head to Barcelona for the first of 2 preseason testing sessions with the new cars. Most teams have announced their  driver lineup

Red BullVerstappenGaslyVerstappenGasly
Toro RossoKvyatAlbonKvyatAlbon
WilliamsKubica (AM)
Russell (PM)
Russell (AM)
Latifi (PM)
Latifi (AM)
Kubica (PM)
Kubica (AM)
Russell (PM)
Racing PointPerezStrollPerezStroll
HaasGrosjeanMagnussenGrosjean (AM)
Fittipaldi (PM)
Fittipaldi (AM)
Magnussen (PM)

F1 pre-season testing gets underway in February. Looks like the 2019 cars will actually be even faster than last year in spite of the reduction in the size of the front wings and increase in the size of the rear wings.

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