Ferrari may decide to write off 2020 season

Mar.3 (GMM) Ferrari has admitted that it may write off the 2020 season quite early this year.

Analyses of the recent winter testing in Barcelona claim that the Italian team’s new car is the only one that is actually slower compared to 2019.

Sebastian Vettel hinted that the situation could mean a change of strategy.

“First we have to find out how much we are missing,” the German driver said. “Then it will depend on whether we sacrifice something from the 2021 program or whether the gap is so large and it’s not worth it.”

Those comments have now been backed by Mattia Binotto, the Ferrari boss.

“I cannot be satisfied with our performance,” he said.

“Overall, for the test I give us an eight out of ten, but in terms of performance it’s a six.”

Binotto said Ferrari will try to improve the situation immediately, but admitted that with the new rules of 2021 looming charge, a change of tack cannot be ruled out.

“It’s a legitimate question,” he is quoted by Speed Week.

“We will have to ask ourselves what the sensible compromise is. At the beginning we will certainly go full steam ahead for 2020. We will understand the car and learn where to go. We clearly hope to do this quickly.

“But it’s true,” Binotto added. “If we notice after a few races that the gap to the top is too big, we could definitely consider a different approach.”

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